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Duolingo for Love & Sexuality

Junite is a game app for adolescents and young adult that aims to help build and maintain a healthy relationship with sexuality. In a nutshell, it could be considered as a "Duolingo for the language of love and sexuality” based on scientifically-proven content.


Über Nesoma (ehm. Junite)

We believe sexuality and love is normal, diverse and beautiful. And we believe it can be learned. Junite is a gaming app for teens to help build and maintain a healthy relationship with sexuality - based on scientifically-proven content.

What does your product or cooperation opportunity offer in concrete detail?
We would like to offer the following co-operation opportunities with media organisations:

> 20% discount on a yearly membership for the parenting employees within your media organisation
> Podcast content around sexual health bundled from a wide variety of information sources for your media organisation
> Custom podcast content creation around sexual health topics (scientifically-proven, information bundled from a wide variety of information sources, written, hosted by Junite and produced by your media organisation)
> Event collaboration

Who exactly is your product or cooperation opportunity suitable for or aimed at?
Our product is aimed at teenagers aged 10-18 years. However, we also target parents of teenage children. Why? Once children leave elementary school, it becomes more and more difficult for parents to reach their teenagers about love and sexuality. Where do they get their info? Can we provide a reliable source? Since it ends up being a gaming app, we are primarily targeting media outlets that work with kids, teens or parents in any way or are interested in the topic of sexual health in society in general.

What are the benefits of your product or collaboration opportunity?
A fresh approach to sexual health. We care about a healthy generation of tomorrow and believe that sex education in schools does not prepare anyone for real life. With our background in psychology and technology, we offer a holistic approach. Our goal is not only to transfer knowledge, but also to combine it with the right attitude to ultimately influence behavior. By combining our skills from psychology and technology, we offer a modern approach that is scalable and from which the media houses can hopefully learn and benefit.

Are there certain requirements to be able to work with your product or to cooperate with you?
We are open to a variety of collaboration options and are happy to discuss terms on a case-by-case basis. Language-wise, we focus on English and/or German. We would be very open to the possibility of offering a discount to the parenting staff of your organization.

Briefly describe your vision here.
Junite’s overall mission is to help develop & maintain a sexually healthy generation of tomorrow. In the next months we will focus mainly on finding highly-skilled experts and cooperation partners to help file the content of the app. The next steps would be to not only release a test-version of our app but the final app to the App Stores and find more investors.

📥 Press release (in German)

Sarah Alt
Founder of Junite


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