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Support, networking & coaching for media specialists

We can help you implement great ideas, build motivated teams and develop strong prototypes. Media Lab Bayern offers a number of incubation programs for media specialists, access to a vast network and coaching to support you and your ideas.

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Let's get Funky - A 2-minute intro to the Media Lab spirit

GNI Startups Lab Report

Ten startups from Europe have successfully gone through the Google News Initiative (GNI) Startups Lab in the last six months. The program, which was run by Media Lab Bayern together with the EJC and Google, is now available in the GNI Startups Lab Report.

Media for Peace

Together with and the University of the Bundeswehr Munich, you can promote peace in crisis regions through journalism. In our new Media for Peace fellowship program, we'll work with you to develop ways to support journalism in Lebanon and Afghanistan that de-escalates and promotes peace.

Media Tech Lab

Up to 50.000 € for your Open Source project! You are an open source developer or software freelancer? You are passionate about an innovative IT topic that could help the media industry? You have identified a tech problem for which there is no solution yet? If so, the Media Tech Lab is just right for you!


Our events bring together the top digital minds in the media industry. They give you the opportunity to stay informed, develop new ideas and get to know the people you need to transform your ideas into reality. Whether it's hackathons, at BarCamp or our booth at Medientagen München: We’ve got the right event for everyone!

Currently there are no events.


Our blog provides a fascinating insight into the challenges faced by Media Lab fellows, the latest news from Media Lab Bayern and many other articles on the media industry.
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International Journalism Festival: Our learnings for you

For three days, a large part of the Media Lab networked and learned in Perugia. This is what we took away from Italy for you.

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Climate journalism is not disaster journalism

Everyone is talking about climate journalism, but what does that mean exactly? The Italian Radar magazine has set clear guidelines and points of reference for itself. One important factor is not only to report on catastrophes, but also to show approaches to solutions and to manage the transfer into the everyday life of the readership.

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Girls` voices need their space in media

Girls and young women are underrepresented in the media. They are often written about from the perspective of adults. The startup Girlhood enables girls to find their voice in the media. An important factor, as the founder explains.

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Zero tolerance for buffers - How video streaming makes users happy

What do video streaming provider have to offer to be attractive for users, and which obstacles are often overlooked? Sebastian Siepe and Ralf Neudel know the pitfalls of streaming. With their startup, they are creating solutions that make users actually enjoy media libraries and streaming services instead of being frustrated by them.

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The Second Brain - A tool to cope with the flood of information

Many people probably know the wish: with all the information you have to process, you basically need a second brain. Or at least a way to connect it to the computer and automatically transfer the knowledge you want to store. Classic to-do lists are simply not enough at some point. The alternative is to store knowledge associatively. We explain what that means here in the blog.

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Scoring with personalization - How successful publishers individualize content

Personalizing messages puts the needs of users at the focus. When done right, personalized content creates a win-win situation for publishers and users.

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V.I.D.E.O.L.O.V.E - Reach more people with synthetic videos

Videos are en vogue and an increasing number of users prefer watching to reading. With the help of artificial intelligence, videos can be realized even on a small budget, and at the same time companies benefit from positive effects such as increased reach..

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Media consumption among the youngest - promoting activity in young users instead of passivity through background noise

How much time children should spend in front of screens, and what content they consume, is a much-discussed topic. The startup Lesido believes media consumption should be active and interactive, and should involve adults. With their solution for remote digital reading aloud to children, they have big plans for the publishing industry.

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The charming bot - Collecting user data and workflows via algorithm

Media companies can use bots to learn more about their users and all while saving personal resources. But this requires more than just a chat window at the bottom right of the screen. Krischan Lehmann from 1E9 wants to design bots whose application is human and friendly.

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Startups @ media lab

These startups are included in our latest batch:

FLOOX is the go-to platform for Creator & Artist monetization. With online courses and art boxes "HelloFresh for Art" and as an "event platform for Creators & Brands" we already support + 100 Creators with visibility and monetization.

freispace is a modern project planning software for post-production. The solution replaces editing suite management via Excel and shared calendars with an intuitive online solution, creating more reliable schedules and more time for production thanks to smart predictions.

fruits revolutionizes digital content selling by radically simplifying the process. It is the first all-in-one click shop solution for creators & coaches (target audiences) with the fastest onboarding & checkout process and a fully automated back office (e.g. billig & VAT).

HypeRate helps streamers to get more engagement in their streams by adding their real-time heart rate as a stream overlay and creating automatic content highlights based on the streamers' emotions and game specific highlights with the help of AI.

Moonblock is a Competitive Intelligence Platform for Entertainment brand NFTs. Our web application offers competitive data on NFTs and metaverse activities, built from the ground up for media and brands that launch NFT projects and journalists reporting on NFT & Metaverse.

Travelers spend hours researching attractions only to be disappointed by the on-site experience. One Guide offers travelers and partner companies an app with selected tours, audio guides and AR content, making visiting attractions an experience again.

The PARENTI app assists parents by managing & organizing all tasks related to parenthood. Based on user profile data we deliver customized tasks that are relevant by importance and chronological order NOW.

Bavaria rules

Media Lab has offices in Munich and Ansbach. Our team can actively assist you with your project from both offices. Learn more about our team and mentors.

»Many innovations and great things can occur as a result of networking, incredibly high commitment and positive energy. We can only succeed in shaking things up in the future by working together—something Media Lab Bayern has pushed since day one.«

Konrad Weber
Project Manager at SRF – Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen

»The Media Lab has shown me that there are safe enclaves out there with space to experiment and try out new things. This has enabled me to achieve my dream of starting a digital media home for Black women in the German-speaking part of the world.«

Ciani-Sophia Hoeder
Founder of RosaMag (Batch #6)

»It’s mind-boggling to think about the ideas I began the R&D Fellowship with, and the final product created within eight weeks through interviews, prototyping and testing.«

Katja Vater
Online-Marketing & Audience Development Expert
(R&D Fellow Batch #2)

»I feel up to date with all the latest trends thanks to your startups, something which has allowed me to conjure up new ideas and impulses for my product development. I've also benefited loads from the great networking opportunities offered at your events and the ability to brush shoulders with interesting business partners from the media community.«

Ramona Lermer
Project Manager at pd next

»The Lab taught us to be more iterative and prototypical along the way. A product/MVP only really comes to fruition if you are able to develop it within 6-8 weeks to go live.«

Tjorven Rohwer
Founder (Batch #5)

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