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We can help you implement great ideas, build motivated teams and develop strong prototypes. Media Lab Bayern offers a number of incubation programs for media specialists, access to a vast network and coaching to support you and your ideas.

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Our Media Startup Fellowship goes into the next round. The application phase for Batch #11 has started. You can apply now and benefit from up to 40,000 euros in funding.

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The Media Innovators database makes media pioneers accessible and helps you to always find the right person to guarantee success for your innovation project.

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Spend two months working on an innovative solution or challenge faced by the media industry. Research, experiment and develop new ideas while receiving a grant of up to 7,500 euros.


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How much time children should spend in front of screens, and what content they consume, is a much-discussed topic. The startup Lesido believes media consumption should be active and interactive, and should involve adults. With their solution for remote digital reading aloud to children, they have big plans for the publishing industry.



Media companies can use bots to learn more about their users and all while saving personal resources. But this requires more than just a chat window at the bottom right of the screen. Krischan Lehmann from 1E9 wants to design bots whose application is human and friendly.

Gruenderin sitzt auf einem Stuhl und jongliert Zeit und Ideen


Everything starts with passion. With an idea, an inner drive to create something that is really close to your heart. But how do you go about it? What should you expect if you want to create something in addition to your main job? And is it actually possible to start up a business on the side?



Funding programs, business angels or venture capital can turn a one-person company into a business with momentum. In this article, we will explain which funding options are available and how to convince potential investors.



Media makers are breaking new ground. Be it platforms, sustainable film productions or synthetic voices. If you are in the mood for media innovation, you can get inspired. For example, by Dr. Gunnar Wiedenfels who opts for digital platforms and cooperations at Discovery, or Valerie Weber who wants to rethink radio. At Medientage München, a well known media event in Germany, they revealed where the journey is headed.



For the first time the GNI Startups Lab takes place in Europe. The funding program is aimed at startups from the news sector.



Local journalism can open many doors to journalists who want to get their start in the creator economy in 2021. But how do you develop a niche product? Check out our ten-step introduction.



Starting a company despite pandemic uncertainty is a risky business. We've still managed to make the most of some unexpected opportunities. ROKIN developed a digital engineer during the Media Startup Fellowship.



A game that enables constructive communication with conspiracy theorists.


Startups @ media lab

These startups are included in our latest batch:

Anymate Me is a virtual video production platform that enables companies to create realistic AI videos by simply typing a transcript. Gone are the days of needing a studio, actors and equipment; video production is now affordable and scalable.

The Broken Hearts Club is the first German-language, interactive and smart app that guides its users through all stages of heartache, providing them with strength in the long term and promoting mental resilience, all through their smartphone.

capacities is the all-in-one tool for content creators: Intuitive creation and organization like with Notion. Simple publishing like on Medium. Creative designing like with Canva. Everything you need: Your content, creativity and community—all in one place.

Churchpool is a social network for church institutions, members and interested individuals that complies with data protection regulations. Users can stay up to date with the latest news, events and fundraising projects along with other updates and interact with each other.

femfeel empowers women with a personal plan for menopause. With powerful new ways to ease the discomfort of menopause, femfeel makes healthy habits a strategy for a self-determined menopause.

snect. is a smart platform for sharing and generating knowledge. The platform uses smart algorithms to connect employees based on their requirements and aims, allowing them to quickly respond to questions and challenges.

GrowGetters is a platform designed for women who want to have long-term job security. Women all around the globe want to achieve professional independence along with ongoing learning, support and inspiration. GrowGetters meets this uncovered need by curating and imparting business methods, tools and technologies.

LESIDO combines your favorite photo albums with a video chat, enabling family members to share stories with their loved ones no matter how far away. At the same time, LESIDO has also paved the way to an entirely new kind of customer-centered, data-based content production by using hundreds of unique data points.

YouTube channel Nalan Sipar offers bilingual, German-Turkish video content. It was primarily created for German-Turks with minimal German skills or a particular need for information, and anyone else interested in this community.

Almost everyone reads news on social media. These networks have recently transformed into platforms for the spread of disinformation and hate. Newsbrief is a social news app that directly shares journalistic content with its users. The app uses simple news formats and posts audio interviews conducted by journalists.

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Media Lab has offices in Munich and Ansbach. Our team can actively assist you with your project from both offices. Learn more about our team and mentors.

»Many innovations and great things can occur as a result of networking, incredibly high commitment and positive energy. We can only succeed in shaking things up in the future by working together—something Media Lab Bayern has pushed since day one.«

Konrad Weber
Project Manager at SRF – Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen

»The Media Lab has shown me that there are safe enclaves out there with space to experiment and try out new things. This has enabled me to achieve my dream of starting a digital media home for Black women in the German-speaking part of the world.«

Ciani-Sophia Hoeder
Founder of RosaMag (Batch #6)

»It’s mind-boggling to think about the ideas I began the R&D Fellowship with, and the final product created within eight weeks through interviews, prototyping and testing.«

Katja Vater
Online-Marketing & Audience Development Expert
(R&D Fellow Batch #2)

»I feel up to date with all the latest trends thanks to your startups, something which has allowed me to conjure up new ideas and impulses for my product development. I've also benefited loads from the great networking opportunities offered at your events and the ability to brush shoulders with interesting business partners from the media community.«

Ramona Lermer
Project Manager at pd next

»The Lab taught us to be more iterative and prototypical along the way. A product/MVP only really comes to fruition if you are able to develop it within 6-8 weeks to go live.«

Tjorven Rohwer
Founder (Batch #5)