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Create 3D animation movies on your phone

Prisma3D hilft Gamer*innen, ihre Lieblingsszenen intuitiv, kostengünstig und von überall als 3D-Animation zum Leben zu erwecken. Wir garantieren schnelle Erfolgserlebnisse. Animationen können direkt auf dem Handy in Echtzeit gerendert und geteilt werden.

Über Prisma3D

Prisma3D is an intuitive app to create 3D models and animations. Our easy-to-learn user interface helps you to produce first 3D designs. Create, render and share your creations directly from your phone.

What does your product or cooperation opportunity offer in concrete detail?
Prisma3D is free! Just download it on Google Play and let your imaginations come to life.

Who exactly is your product or cooperation opportunity suitable for or aimed at?
Our app helps gamers and social media content creators to communicate own ideas in 3D. No matter, if you want to create an own animation movie, a short film about a video game or just need a tool for 3D modeling on the road, Prisma3D helps you to achieve this goal on your smartphone.

What are the benefits of your product or collaboration opportunity?
Prisma3D is the only app that makes 3D animation possible on mobile. The intuitive user interface is particularly useful for beginners in 3D design. For the first time, people without a computer have the possibility to create their own 3D scenes and animate them with Prisma3D. 3D models and animations can be rendered in real-time directly on the mobile device to share them on social media.

Are there certain requirements to be able to work with your product or to cooperate with you?
Got curious about Prisma3D? Just try out the app – no requirements needed! If you have a cooperation opportunity for us, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail.

Briefly describe your vision here.
We have the vision to make 3D modeling and animation easy and accessible – independent of skill-level and hardware platform. In the short term, the focus is on improving the app (development of an iOS version, realistic rendering, improving usability). For the next few years, we plan to implement more innovative 3D technologies.


Joana Haase
Chief Marketing Office of Prisma3D



Jacob Haase, Joana Haase


Media Startup Fellowship, #11




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