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Automate your data privacy operations

What Personio is for HR and Spendesk is for Finance, Kertos is for Privacy - a tool-based home for all topics and stakeholders in the field data privacy. As the first European workflow and automation tool for all data privacy related processes, Kertos enables companies to handle personal data securely and transparently, thereby safeguarding their business model.

Über Kertos GmbH

With Kertos you automate your data privacy operations. Data subject requests, record of processing activities, deletion or retention processes - Kertos provides a tool-based home for all topics and stakeholders in the field of data privacy.

What does your product or cooperation opportunity offer in concrete detail?
Kertos offers a fully autoamted data privacy platform. Personal data is everywhere - especially in media companies. While external consultants or lawyers advise companies and document processes, the operational work in the area of ​​data privacy remains the responsibility of the companies themselves. In particular, the processing of data subject requests, the management of the list of processing activities or the implementation of deletion concepts pose enormous challenges for companies. Kertos closes this gap between external consultants/lawyers and the operations teams through deep system integration and automation of repetitive tasks. Kertos is the first tool-based home for all topics, tools and stakeholders in data privacy.

We are currently in our closed beta phase. As a selected partner, you benefit from discounted conditions, immediate cost savings, faster implementation and active influence on product functionalities.

Who exactly is your product or cooperation opportunity suitable for or aimed at?
In principle, Kertos offers added value to all companies that have to deal with operational data privacy such as data subject rights (e.g. access or deletion requests), list of processing activities or consent and deletion concepts. The added value increases with the amount of personal data and the complexity of internal and external tools. Our solution is therefore aimed in particular at larger (media) companies that do not want to deal with the risks and tasks of operational data privacy, but want to focus fully on their core work again.

What are the benefits of your product or collaboration opportunity?
Kertos is the first European solution in the field of data privacy automation. It offers a tool-based home for all topics, tools and stakeholders in the field of data privacy. This way, Kertos reduces communication overhead, automates repetitive tasks and eliminates risks. Kertos thus brings enormous cost savings, frees employees from tedious tasks and creates security and transparency.

Are there certain requirements to be able to work with your product or to cooperate with you?
We look forward to cooperation with companies that are open to innovative solutions and want to improve data privacy operations - just like us.

Briefly describe your vision here.
Our vision is to become Europes number one solution in data privacy automation.

Our closed beta test phase with our workflow and management tool will start in the coming weeks. In the weeks that follow, we start with the first process automations. By the middle of the year we will be able to provide a full working solution and save enormous costs and drastically reduce risks.


Johannes Hussak
Co-Founder at Kertos



Johannes Hussak, Dr. Kilian Schmidt, Alexander Prams, Saskia Hutschenreiter


Media Startup Fellowship, #11




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