Open Podcast is building a free and open ecosystem for podcasts. In the first project the aim is to provide a better analytics data for podcast hosts.

Want to try it out for yourself? Our Fellows are offering free demos for podcast hosts right now.

Open Analytics for Podcasts

How many downloads did my podcast have on Spotify and Apple? How many listeners did my last episode get? Which was the most popular one? With Open Podcast, these questions can be answered.

The open source solution makes it possible to collect podcast statistics from Spotify and Apple and store them in a database. The data can be accessed via an API and displayed in a custom app or dashboard. The project thus solves one of the biggest challenges in the podcast world: independence from big platforms like Spotify and Apple.

The Open Source Solution


Many media houses have no control over their data. Podcast data is widely spread and is not centrally accessible. In addition, a change of platform often results in the loss of important data.


An open source tool that uses an interface to analyze the behavior of the audience, pulls the data from the major hosting platforms and merges it into one system.


The Open Podcast API is an open standard for all podcast players and allows to collect data in a transparent way. In addition, the API enables consolidation of analytics data collected by Spotify and co.

Fellows of the project

The Open Podcast team consists of two developers, Wolfgang and Matthias, who produce podcasts themselves and asked themselves how they could collect and evaluate podcast statistics. Together with the Media Tech Lab, they decided to develop an open source solution so that other podcasts can also use this solution.

Matthias Endler

Matthias is a thinker who is interested in scalability, performance and distributed systems. After working as a senior software engineer at trivago for a long time, he knows how to make a backend faster. An advocate of the Open Web, he is addicted to chocolate! In the foreground, however, is his big heart and interest in the open source community. That's why he has already started over 100 open source projects.


Wolfgang Gassler

Wolfgang has been working for inlupus as a consultant and freelancer since the late 90s. The doctor of computer science was a lecturer and researcher at the Databases and Information Systems Research Group at the University of Innsbruck until 2015. He knows Matthias from his long time as Engineering Manager at trivago. Besides their professional connection, the two share an enthusiasm for open source projects.