We spoke to various media companies and asked them where their pain points are and what solutions can support them in their day-to-day work and help them move forward. So if you don't have any ideas of your own, you can take on the challenges of the media companies.

The challenges


User Story: As a member of an editorial team, I want an open source software that allows us to actively target "Radar Bots" for various focus topics in order to identify potentially "newsworthy changes" at an early stage and inform the editorial team about them.


User Story: As a media company exploring innovative ways to enhance reader engagement, I want the option to set up and operate my own Mastodon instance using the open source project Mediadon. This allows us to provide our users with a reliable and high-quality alternative to Twitter while also highlighting our editorial content and local news.


User Story: As a responsible party in a media company looking to run contests and giveaway campaigns, I require an open source solution to organize GDPR-compliant giveaway events and increase our social media reach. This allows me to engage our audience more closely and generate newsletter subscriptions.

WhatTheReader (WTR)

User Story: As an employee of a media company looking to conduct effective reader surveys, I need open source software that enables an optimal workflow for reader surveys. This tool should be easy to install on our server and to be integrated into our existing website, providing a seamless and readily accessible survey experience at all times.

Cookieless Kickstarter

User Story: As a publisher, I want to be prepared for the blocking of third-party cookies announced by brower manufacturers. . With Cookieless Kickstarter, my team can effortlessly collect the interests of our readers in compliance with data protection regulations, enrich this data with internal information, and transfer it to existing systems such as ad servers and analytics on the server side, performed with minimal effort

Desinformation Tooling

User Story: As a media house manager, I want to utilize a powerful software solution capable of reliably detecting disinformation campaigns and presenting them to us in a clear and visible manner.

NewsRoom Concept

User Story: As a news editor, I want to sort, filter, and display the news that is fed into our system via  various sources like DPA in a more organized manner. I would then like an AI to provide relevant news text suggestions and enhance them with videos or images. This will enable us to incorporate a co-creation system software to make our output more relevant for our customers.


User Story: As a member of a media company, I want to develop an automated solution that allows us to efficiently and seamlessly interact with the rapidly growing social news aggregation network Reddit and integrate Reddit into our workflow.

Shortvideo Formats

User Story: As a media house, I want to use AI in order to generate short videos or audio from our long-form content so that I can increase customer engagement and automate content distribution across our various channels. This will ensure that relevant content reaches our viewers effectively.


User Story: As an ad server manager in the media house, I want to ensure that no fake ads are displayed on our websites, as they harm our reputation and often frustrate paying users. With the FakeAd Filter, fake ads are reliably identified and filtered out before being displayed to the user. The advertising environment on our websites thus remains of high qualityand our own publishing brand is strengthened.

Artificial Inteligence

User Story: As a media house, we want to explore and leverage the possibilities of synthetic media in our reporting. We aim to implement user-friendly open-source software within 6 months, allowing us to integrate artificially generated images, videos, texts, and voices into our content. We expect the software to provide an intuitive interface for creating, customizing, and editing these media. The analytical features should help us assess the credibility and impact of this content. We place a high emphasis on security measures to ensure reliable usage. Multilingual support is crucial to address our audience in various languages. We expect well-documented software that is continuously updated and maintained to meet our long-term needs. The opportunity to actively participate in a growing community of developers and users is of great interest to us.

Second Brain For Editorial Teams

User Story: As an editor, I want to have the entire editorial knowledge available in one central location for follow-up research or for creating similar articles on a topic. With the Second Brain for Editorial Teams, editorial teams have access to the entire knowledge of the editorial department through a simple chat interface. The Second Brain is fed by simply uploading normal PDF, text, audio/video, or CSV files. The content is automatically processed by the Second Brain and is then available for querying through a chat interface using a Large Language Model.

Recruiting Tool

As the person responsible for talent acquisition at a media company, I would like to have a specialized recruiting tool developed to efficiently and effectively address the unique challenges of multi-step application processes, distribution of application materials to various juries and management of trial reports. The goal is to develop a customizable, user-friendly tool within 6 months that will enable journalism schools, educational institutions and media companies to streamline their specific recruiting processes while saving both time and resources.


Erkan Kasap

CTO Media Tech Lab