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Doppelcheck is a browser-based tool designed as an AI assistant for fact-checking in journalism. The slogan "Individual press review at the push of a button" encapsulates the goal of simplifying the validation process for journalists and ensuring that they can quickly assess the credibility of information and easily identify biased texts.


In a time when generative AI is spreading rapidly, misinformation and disinformation pose a significant challenge to the media industry. Journalists are faced with the enormous task of identifying credible sources from a flood of data. Doppelcheck addresses the need for a reliable tool that automates the detection of disinformation and biased reports, facilitating integrity in journalistic work.


The idea behind Doppelcheck is to provide a comprehensive solution for journalists to facilitate research and text analysis. By integrating various APIs, language models, data sources, and analysis tools, a modular system is envisioned. This system aims to efficiently assist journalists in fact-checking and debunking false narratives.


Doppelcheck's solution comprises key features such as the Keypoint Assistant, which extracts and highlights the main points of a text, and the Sourcefinder Assistant, which searches for relevant documents from external and internal sources. The Crosschecker Assistant then compares the main points with these documents to assess their consistency, providing journalists with a robust tool for their investigative needs.

Mark Wernsdorfer

Mark Wernsdorfer studied philosophy out of curiosity about how understanding fundamentally works. After completing a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence, he now advises and conducts research on the societal utilization of Artificial Intelligence. His drive is to steer new technologies in constructive directions, ensuring that everyone can benefit from them without descending into chaos.


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Doppelcheck, a browser-based AI tool, simplifies fact-checking for journalists and allows for a quick assessment of the credibility of information.


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