Journalism that creates peace

Use journalism to create access to information in crisis regions. Together with and the Universität der Bundeswehr München, we are enable peace in crisis regions through journalism. In our new Media for Peace fellowship program, we'll work with you to develop ways to support journalism in Lebanon and Afghanistan that de-escalates and promotes peace.

On our peace mission

How can journalistic offerings in Lebanon and Afghanistan be de-escalating and peace-building? Through research, prototyping and innovation methods, the Media for Peace fellows develop content formats, platforms or technologies with which journalism can achieve more peace in both regions.

We have deliberately chosen two very different countries; a country whose everyday life has been marked by war and conflict for a long time and a country in post-conflict status. This difference enables us to take a comparative approach, especially with regard to the question of how peace processes, supported by journalism, can succeed.

Questions about the Media for Peace program

Media for Peace is strengthening its team and is looking for media professionals who would like to get involved with immediate effect.

We are currently looking for a project manager, editors and dialog hosts. Fill out the contact form and take your chance to be part of this innovative start-up project!

Can I also start an innovative program with you?

Of course! We are happy about cooperation partnerships and great ideas that deal with innovative approaches for and in the media industry. Just write to us at

Do you have other funding programs besides Media for Peace?

We actually have a lot of opportunities to support innovative media ideas. Just have a look at our funding programs.


Mate Raspovic

Group Lead R&D Programs