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Passion for innovation

Our team consists of innovation experts, media specialists and event managers who are dedicated to driving innovation in the media industry. Nothing brings us more joy than supporting and bringing together talented individuals, starting new projects today, not tomorrow, and finding the perfect solution for (virtually) every problem. Come pay us a visit at one of our offices if you have a visionary idea, need guidance or want to discuss the future of media over a fresh cup of coffee! We look forward to meeting you.

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The Media Lab Bayern Team


Get in touch with us if you have a visionary idea, need support with a media project or want to discuss digital media over a fresh cup of coffee! We look forward to getting to know you!

Lina Timm

Managing Director, Medien.Bayern GmbH


Managing Director, Medien.Bayern GmbH

Pia Maria Lexa

Program Team Lead

Call 0159 - 04203307

Ronja Schneider

Senior Program Manager

Call 0159 - 04203303

Mate Raspovic

Program Manager

Linette Heimrich

Program Manager

Call 0159 - 04203359


Program & Design Manager

Call 0159 - 04203361

Alicia Fricke

Community & Program Manager

Call 0159 - 04203330

Jiangqi Shen

Project Manager Operations & Community

Felix Hoch

Resident Innovation Coach

Erkan Kasap

CTO Media Tech Lab

Call 089 - 68999283

Alexander Rühl

Teamlead Marketing

Call 0159 - 04203316

Christian Simon

Senior Manager Research & Strategy

Call 0159 - 04203353

Frank Zapototschny

Senior Online Marketing Manager

Sabrina Harper

Digital Communications Manager

Call 0159 - 04203358


Social Media Manager

Call 0159 - 04203368


Senior Content Marketing Manager

Call 0159 - 04203339

Eva Menzenbach

Office Manager

Call 0159 - 04203345

Svenja Weiß

Media Lab Ansbach Team Lead

Call 0159 - 04203304

Vien-Ha Nguyen

Program Manager Media Lab Ansbach

Call 0159 - 04203352

Sebastian Frost

Marketing Manager Media Lab Ansbach

We are part of the Medien.Bayern GmbH

Media Lab Bayern is part of Medien.Bayern GmbH, a subsidiary of BLM and is funded by the Bavarian State Chancellery.