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Ready for the future with Open Source: We fund tech solutions for the media industry!

You will receive 50,000€ from us in order to work with industry experts on developing innovative solutions for media companies, making their day-to-day work easier. We aim to match the creativity of developers with the challenges faced by decision-makers. Together, we want to develop best practices that media companies can benefit from and use - free of licensing costs.

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For Developers

Funding for your Open Source project

We support you in developing an innovative open source project. You will receive a 45,000 EUR funding + 5,000 EUR coaching budget. All you have to do is send an application, briefly describing your project idea.

For decision makers

Free Technology for your media company

Our free open source projects allow media companies to use high-end technology without significant effort. Utilize existing solutions and save costs!                                                       

Our topics

Artificial Intelligence

Projects that deal with machine learning or natural language processing - e.g. assistants that support activities in the journalistic field, speech analysis software or smart context recognition.

Web3 & Blockchain

In the area of Web 3 & Blockchain, we deal with decentralized systems. For example, blockchain-based applications, smart contracts, minting of NFT collections, but also projects to ensure freedom of press and information distribution in censored internet environments.

Augmented & Mixed Reality

Projects that advance virtual worlds in the media environment. For example, context-based augmented reality applications, opportunities for virtual online collaboration

Infrastructure & Web Technology

Everything concerning online platforms, hosting, frontend and backend technologies as well as Semantic Web, e.g. ambitious DevOps projects, groundbreaking Javascript components or interactive realtime applications with websockets.

UX-Design & User Experience

Good technology is only half the battle. It is just as important to develop inspiring user interfaces and intuitive user experiences. To this end, we would like to promote projects in the UX area that develop a different view of how we build interfaces today.

»Advancing open source projects in the media industry with targeted funding! Simply great and worth supporting!«

Martin Brüggemann,
Co-Founder of, long-time CTO and member of the MTL Expert Board

Projects of Batch #1

Open Podcast

Open Podcast is building a free and open ecosystem for podcasts. In the first project the aim is to provide a better analytics data for podcast hosts.

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The aim of taggy is to give you an open, easy-to-start and easy-to-integrate but powerful frontend tool to fit your tagging needs.

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Content Lense

Content lense enables bloggers and publishers to analyse their digital content and generate exciting insights.

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Glasskube enables automatic installation and updates for popular open source software solutions to help organisations reclaim their digital sovereignty.

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Projects of Batch #2


SnipAId develops Artificial Intelligence generated teasers, summaries and social media posts.



Open Recommendation Butler (ORB) is building an AI language model designed specifically for the media industry that provides knowledge-based search results and thematic recommendations.



Speechcatcher develops an open source solution for translation, transcription and subtitling of any media files with German language content (audio/video).


Our Values

  • Nerdy-Crazy
    We are fervent tech enthusiasts, constantly seeking the latest innovations and embracing our nerdy side
  • Innovative solutions
    We create groundbreaking solutions that spark inspiration
  • Team Spirit
    Our passion lies in fostering team spirit and embracing diversity
  • Transparency and open source culture
    We are dedicated to achieving both transparency and nurturing an open source mindset
  • Quality, technology ethics and data privacy
    We prioritize excellence, uphold technology ethics and safeguard data privacy, all while nurturing our innovative spirit
  • We love new technology
    We firmly believe that the advantages of new technology outweigh any drawbacks

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