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Media Tech Lab

Up to 50.000 € for your Open Source project

You are an open source developer or software freelancer? You are passionate about an innovative IT topic that could help the media industry? You have identified a tech problem for which there is no solution yet? If so, the Media Tech Lab is just right for you!

Every research and development project that gets lost in the daily editorial routine, for which there is no money, or which simply no longer fits into the annual plan of a media company, is all the more exciting for us.

We approach the evaluation and implementation of these "media future projects" in the format of many, small tech fellowships. In the process, we are supported by selected industry experts who evaluate target-oriented solutions for us in a few months and implement them as license-free, open-source projects. The media companies can then use these solutions for themselves and develop them further with us.

Building blocks for the media industry of the future

Example project

Development of an open source component for semantic tagging

Tagging content in web-based editorial systems, i.e. assigning content to a selection of topics, has not really evolved over the last few years. Many media companies and startups still tag manually and have to deal with the respective problems when dealing with large amounts of data.

What is missing is a standard component for web-based, smart tagging that, as an extension for popular front-end technologies and CMS platforms, automatically recognizes what content a text contains and what the main topic is, based on NLP and knowledge graphs.

This smart tagging could then be used to improve existing tagging systems and offer media startups without much know-how or funds an open-source, practical solution for smart tagging in everyday editorial work.

More project ideas

#01 - Knowledge Personalization

Personalized content tailored to your own knowledge level! There is an urgent need for a solution that allows us to reach each user at their current knowledge level.

#02 - Human Survey Interface

Find the most intuitive UX and presentation for surveys that are fun to use (possibly Tinder-like).

#03 - Cloud-native Reverse Proxy Cache

Build a privacy-compliant, cloud-native open-source proxy cache (as an alternative to centralized US providers such as fastly or cloudflare).

#04 - Social Media Manager Bot

Build a bot that simplifies/automates the work of a social media manager in a publishing context. E.G.: Write texts to articles, find suitable images, create graphics.

#05 - Summitbook.eth

Using a decentralized summit book as an example, evaluate SmartContracts and NFTs for the publishing industry.


The program will start in April 2022. Subscribe to the mailing list below to be informed about the start and the content of the program.

You can already apply today with your project idea. Use this form to do so.

Infrastructure & Web Technology

Everything concerning online platforms, hosting, frontend and backend technologies as well as Semantic Web, e.g. ambitious DevOps projects, groundbreaking Javascript components or interactive realtime applications with websockets.

UX-Design & User Experience

Good technology is only half the battle. It is just as important to develop inspiring user interfaces and intuitive user experiences. To this end, we would like to promote projects in the UX area that develop a different view of how we build interfaces today.

Machine Learning & NLP

Projects that deal with machine learning or natural language processing - e.g. assistants that support activities in the journalistic field, speech analysis software or smart context recognition.

Web3 & Blockchain

In the area of Web 3 & Blockchain, we deal with decentralized systems. For example, blockchain-based applications, smart contracts, minting of NFT collections, but also projects to ensure freedom of press and information distribution in censored internet environments.

Augmented & Mixed Reality

Projects that advance virtual worlds in the media environment. For example, context-based augmented reality applications, opportunities for virtual online collaboration

Our values


We are nerdy-crazy and burn for new technology

Innovative solutions

We build innovative solutions that inspire

Team Spirit

We live for team spirit and diversity

Transparency and open source culture

We strive for transparency and an open-source culture

Quality, technology ethics and data privacy

We value high quality, technology ethics and data privacy without restricting our innovative spirit

We love new technology

We are convinced that the positive benefits of new technology outweigh its disadvantages.


Everything you need to know for the Media Tech Lab

You will work on your project for up to 6 months

The number of hours is flexible depending on the submitted milestone and schedule. You work remotely or at our Open Space in Munich.

  • Start in April 2022
  • Scope of work full-time: 40h
  • Working hours part-time: 20h
  • 75% independent project work
  • 25% coaching and check-ins with the Media Lab team


Application at any time via this form

You will receive a monthly stipend

We cover your costs. The amount depends on the amount of work you do

  • paid monthly
  • at least 80 EUR hourly rate
  • up to 120 EUR maximum hourly rate
  • maximum payment 45.000 EUR
  • additional maximum 5.000 EUR for coaches & mentors

You get strong sparring partners

You will be supported by specialized and strong coaches and mentors in the field of your project.

  • Weekly 1:1 sparring sessions
  • Feedback and input from our expert board
  • Exchange with other Tech Lab Fellows

You become part of our open source network

We have a large network of experts, like-minded people and people interested in your project. You will have the opportunity to tap into this network and actively contribute to the innovative media industry.

  • Tech people and experts in your field
  • Relevant media companies and organizations
  • Media experts and founders

Our Media Tech Lab expert

Mate Raspovic will help you with any questions you may have on the Fellowship.

Any questions on the Media Tech Lab?