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Since the Media Lab first opened its doors in 2015, we’ve helped and played host to a wide range of great ideas and innovative startups. Many have gone on to transform their startups into visionary products that are shaping the future of media. Click here to read an overview of the startups we’ve funded.




With GetFit, creators receive their own personalized app, tailored specifically to their vertical content. The goal of the app is to help users achieve their personal goals sustainably through their relationship with the creator.


Unleash your potential through targeted and motivating tech upskilling. Stay relevant, keep evolving! Codum helps you build learning consistency through a motivating learning environment with psychological incentives.


Footprint Intelligence is a SaaS platform that enables companies to reach their climate goals in record time. AI algorithms support efficient analysis, decarbonization, and the creation of official communication materials.


The Digital Guardian Angel PENEMUE safeguards media professionals and media organizations from hate speech. This AI-based tool detects toxic content in real-time and can be used for social media channels as well as forums and communities.


Loyalift is building a B2B SaaS solution for advertisers looking to place their products/services and brand in the interactive live segment. Our data provides in-depth insights into the realms of marketing analytics and market research.


gutfeel is a digital DIY research platform that allows companies to conduct market studies with the "Generation Z" target audience. The gutfeel app provides various incentives for young Gen Z individuals to participate in digital testing.


Paper Pass offers publishers a share of subscription revenues, increased visibility for promoting their own subscriptions, and user analytics for reading behavior. The easy integration via RSS feeds requires no internal resources.


Transform your content with EXAR! Boost user engagement and interactivity, providing immersive and personalized experiences to audiences on media platforms!


Every day, a multitude of scientific papers, studies, and articles are published. Gistable offers a reliable, AI-driven solution for more efficient knowledge absorption and better understanding.



LOCCO is your local companion for exploring cities as flexibly as possible. This location-based app provides travelers with access to high-quality audio recordings from local experts, whether it's about cultural and architectural highlights or short anecdotes.


Azernis displays the websites of a newsroom’s competitors side by side and digitally adds an additional data level which helps to decipher the competitors' publishing strategies.


paged collaborates with AI and IT solutions to achieve digital inclusion in essential online media, providing people with diverse needs an entirely new level of user-friendliness – benefiting us all!


Utilizing Generative AI and NLP to Provide Media Companies with an Unprecedented Guided Buying Experience. Employees simply DON'T know what and how to purchase – and they don't have to. Just ask Lio.


With the wunderflix app, moms and dads can capture their experiences in videos - without any editing skills and without cutting. Record scenes, choose filters, music, titles, and the app will create the family film for you.


Scavengar is an augmented reality storytelling and creation platform that allows creators and brands to bring their ideas to life in multi-sensory, contextual, and AI-powered AR experiences – without users needing to download an app.


plazy is a digital tool that provides users with smart and quick travel tips – curated just for them. Users simply specify their preferences and receive their personalized travel agenda with journalistic content in text, photos, audio, and video.

MLBatch#12 - our latest batch

FLOOX is the go-to platform for Creator & Artist monetization. With online courses and art boxes "HelloFresh for Art" and as an "event platform for Creators & Brands" we already support + 100 Creators with visibility and monetization.

freispace is a modern project planning software for post-production. The solution replaces editing suite management via Excel and shared calendars with an intuitive online solution, creating more reliable schedules and more time for production thanks to smart predictions.

fruits revolutionizes digital content selling by radically simplifying the process. It is the first all-in-one click shop solution for creators & coaches (target audiences) with the fastest onboarding & checkout process and a fully automated back office (e.g. billig & VAT).

HypeRate helps streamers to get more engagement in their streams by adding their real-time heart rate as a stream overlay and creating automatic content highlights based on the streamers' emotions and game specific highlights with the help of AI.

Moonblock is a Competitive Intelligence Platform for Entertainment brand NFTs. Our web application offers competitive data on NFTs and metaverse activities, built from the ground up for media and brands that launch NFT projects and journalists reporting on NFT & Metaverse.

Travelers spend hours researching attractions only to be disappointed by the on-site experience. One Guide offers travelers and partner companies an app with selected tours, audio guides and AR content, making visiting attractions an experience again.

The PARENTI app assists parents by managing & organizing all tasks related to parenthood. Based on user profile data we deliver customized tasks that are relevant by importance and chronological order NOW.


Developments in the creator economy enable more and more creators to generate income through live streaming. Audivio helps streamers with insight and analytics to improve their professionalism and interaction with their audience.

Cinema Calc is the intuitive software for calculating film and video production costs. We eliminate complicated Excel spreadsheets and interfaces that look like Windows 95.

Cultway is a platform for personalized audiovisual stories in education and culture. With a simple construction kit, media and cultural institutions can create smart, mobile content and share it with their target audience.

Justt is an E2E solution for quality content creation, publishing and marketing. Users benefit from relevant and verified content with personalized UX. Creators & publishers reach matching audiences and monetize more successfully.

Mondo is a gamified and interactive training platform. We provide our users with skills and knowledge for a sustainable and green future and make everyday positive impact easy and fun.

Music selection and editing are incredibly time-consuming. With MuseKIT, video creators can add sound to their video by selecting the moods of their video. Finally, they have time to do what they're really good at - creating videos.

Junite is a game app for adolescents and young adults that aims to help build and maintain a healthy relationship with sexuality. In a nutshell, it could be considered as a "Duolingo for the language of love and sexuality” based on scientifically-proven content.

SUMM is the "Google Translate" for simplified language - an AI-powered tool that translates any text into a language style that is easily understood by ALL through simple sentence structure and additional explanations.

With Kertos you automate your data privacy operations. Data subject requests, record of processing activities, deletion or retention processes - Kertos provides a tool-based home for all topics and stakeholders in the field of data privacy.

Prisma3D is an intuitive app to create 3D models and animations. Our easy-to-learn user interface helps you to produce first 3D designs. Create, render and share your creations directly from your phone.


Anymate Me is a virtual video production platform that enables companies to create realistic AI videos by simply typing a transcript. Gone are the days of needing a studio, actors and equipment; video production is now affordable and scalable.

The Broken Hearts Club is the first German-language, interactive and smart app that guides its users through all stages of heartache, providing them with strength in the long term and promoting mental resilience, all through their smartphone.

capacities is the all-in-one tool for content creators: Intuitive creation and organization like with Notion. Simple publishing like on Medium. Creative designing like with Canva. Everything you need: Your content, creativity and community—all in one place.

Churchpool is a social network for church institutions, members and interested individuals that complies with data protection regulations. Users can stay up to date with the latest news, events and fundraising projects along with other updates and interact with each other.

femfeel empowers women with a personal plan for menopause. With powerful new ways to ease the discomfort of menopause, femfeel makes healthy habits a strategy for a self-determined menopause.

snect. is a smart platform for sharing and generating knowledge. The platform uses smart algorithms to connect employees based on their requirements and aims, allowing them to quickly respond to questions and challenges.

GrowGetters is a platform designed for women who want to have long-term job security. Women all around the globe want to achieve professional independence along with ongoing learning, support and inspiration. GrowGetters meets this uncovered need by curating and imparting business methods, tools and technologies.

LESIDO combines your favorite photo albums with a video chat, enabling family members to share stories with their loved ones no matter how far away. At the same time, LESIDO has also paved the way to an entirely new kind of customer-centered, data-based content production by using hundreds of unique data points.

YouTube channel Nalan Sipar offers bilingual, German-Turkish video content. It was primarily created for German-Turks with minimal German skills or a particular need for information, and anyone else interested in this community.

Almost everyone reads news on social media. These networks have recently transformed into platforms for the spread of disinformation and hate. Newsbrief is a social news app that directly shares journalistic content with its users. The app uses simple news formats and posts audio interviews conducted by journalists.


Anchorpoint is the GitHub for media production. It gives graphic designers, video producers and designers the ability to quickly communicate tasks, production data and feedback with each other. Repetitive, time-consuming tasks can also be automated.

Articly is the Spotify for audio articles. Listeners can enjoy the best articles from top newspapers and magazines in audio book-quality all in one place: our platform! Download now from the app store and try it out free of charge.

Digitalizing daily subscription management. Simple. Free. For everyone. DIGISALE is an SaaS solution that offers all publishers the ability to digitize and organize all aspects of subscription management.

Kopftuchmädchen is a digital media startup created by Muslim women that casts a light on the perspectives of Muslim women that are so far largely underrepresented in the press. Our aim is to counteract the stereotypical representations we’re faced with on a daily basis in the mainstream media (with alternative images and narratives).

Podcasts, articles, videos—we spend a lot of time learning every day. But how much can you remember a few days down the line? Mindpalace gives you the ability to store everything in one place, learn what matters and receive inspiring recommendations for new content.

what happened last week is an English-language weekly newsletter that reports on underreported news and topics from non-Western countries and puts them into a global context—concise, entertaining and brief.


Adsata transforms laptops into “eye tracking” labs. Recording visual interactions online enables Adsata to generate meaningful insights into the needs of your users.

CHICA CON CICLO is an online platform for generation Y and Z women who want to independently take charge of their cycle, menstruation and contraception.

PlanOpto allows you to automate scheduling meetings with several participants from your network without the need to forgo a personal message.

einbliq assists media companies in their transition to become data-driven organizations—for better decisions, improved cost efficiency and satisfied users.

KARAKAYA TALKS is the first millennial talk show on YouTube to give a voice to underrepresented people and offer them a platform.

Nurii helps people with food intolerances. The app detects intolerances and offers personal nutrition tips, media content and products.

AI-based video editing program Television.AI gives everyone the opportunity to create amazing videos. No expert knowledge required: AI takes care of the harder aspects of producing videos.

Was mit Medien is a podcast and community for the minds behind the media revolution. For constructive insight, inspiration and various perspectives on the future of media.








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