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We are always happy to be discovered in external publications! Do you find our work as newsworthy as we do? Then this page will provide you with all the information and pictures you need for an exciting story about Media Lab Bayern. Here you will also find a foray through current reports about us, our programmes and our start-ups.

So far, most of our outreach was aimed at German speaking media, which is why most of the content you’ll find below is in German. However, our programs are open to international participants, and we are very happy to hear from both English speaking applicants and the English language press. If you have any questions, or need press information in English, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

November 2021, MEEDIA: Media Lab Bayern awards Newsroom-Ideas

In an Open Innovation Challenge, Media Lab Bayern is paying up to 15,000 Euros to inventors who rethink the problems of personalization in newsrooms. Afterwards, their solutions will be made available to the media industry.

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November 2021, Quotenmeter: Three powerful tools to effect changes within a company

The media industry is currently grappling with the media transformation while facing increasing pressure to adapt. All employees play a role in the wheel of change. Using the right tools enables better positioning and permeation of each individual and each innovative idea

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August 2021, Quotenmeter: The three musketeers for more media diversity?

Managing Director Lina Timm discusses the joint project in partnership with the Google News initiative: GNI Startups Lab Europe, the importance of cooperation for Germany as a media center, the role of new players in the market and the industry pain points in an interview with Quotenmeter.

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July 2021, t3n: Media Lab Bayern takes the GNI Startups Lab to the European stage From Munich to Europe:

Media Lab Bayern has partnered with Google and the European Journalism Centre (EJC) to launch the GNI Startups Lab Europe, the first lab of its kind in Europe.

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Juli 2021, Radioszene: What does the future hold for local radio stations?

"“Location-based audio content, local media stars and digital support for local communities: Only three examples of areas where local radio and TV stations have the potential to achieve great digital success.” "

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May 2021, Turi2: Will “Was mit sozialen Medien” be hitting the airwaves soon, Daniel Fiene?

Doing is our modus operandi: “Was mit Medien”, the radio show that addressed transformation in the media, enjoyed years of success on various radio stations, most recently Deutschlandfunk Nova. When the producers Daniel Fiene, Dennis Horn and Sebastian Pähler lost their broadcasting slot, they instead decided to continue with the show as a podcast. Now they’ve set their sights on turning the podcast into a company. Daniel Fiene describes the rocky road from being a journalist to becoming a journalism entrepreneur in his guest contribution in turi2 edition #14.

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April 2021, Radiowoche: pd next and Münchner Kirchenradio awarded innovation grant by Media Lab Bayern

“One executive from both companies will create an innovation strategy for their media company at the Executive Program at the City University of New York (CUNY) Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism starting in mid-May. The members of their team will then get to work on creating a new innovation-friendly culture, implementing suitable processes and new product ideas at Media Lab Bayern from June onwards.”

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March 2021, MEEDIA: What’s the best way to monetize a diverse YouTube show, Esra Karakaya? ”Karakaya Talks”:

Producer and presenter Esra Karakaya used this YouTube format to launch a startup—after a brief period on the radiowaves. MEEDIA spoke with Esra to discuss the challenges posed by COVID-19, monetizing content and diversity in the media industry.

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March 2021, MEEDIA: Discover why “RosaMag” cares more about community than growth.

Ciani-Sophia Hoeder is the founder of the first online lifestyle magazine for Afro-German women. The magazine prioritizes depth over reach. How are things going for “RosaMag"?

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March 2021, BR: Listening is the new reading

“The morning rush on the bus or train. Not exactly the ideal time to read the paper. Or in the bathtub, that just wouldn’t work out!” This got Wolf Weimer, former R&D Fellow and current Media Startup Fellowship applicant, thinking. Why not just listen to newspaper articles?”

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March 2021, MEEDIA: Media Lab Bayern launches new grant program

"Media Lab Bayern aims to promote local and regional media companies with up to 70,000 euros as part of the Media Company Fellowship."

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February 2021, B24: A local blog from Nuremberg: Constructive journalism for millennials

“Haderlein was awarded the Research & Development Fellowship by Media Lab Bayern in March 2020. The program offers two great benefits: Alexandra Haderlein receives money for a two-month period and assistance with product development.”

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February 2021, Sonntagsblatt: Developing digital projects for the evangelical church

“The Evangelical Press Association for Bavaria has pursued a cooperation with Media Lab Bayern since 2020. In 2021, we finally partnered up to work together on two projects. We launched a project entitled ‘Digital textbook’...”

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Work on your project while learning all of the latest methods from us and our team of coaches: We’re the innovation hub for digital media. Since 2015, the lab has helped talented individuals, startups and media companies from throughout Germany to discover and realize innovative ideas.

Along with over 20 workshops and programs for talented individuals each year and countless projects with Germany’s top media companies, we have supported 90 startups to date, resulting in over 36 million euros of investment and the creation of over 250 jobs.

Media Lab Bayern is part of Medien.Bayern GmbH and is funded by the Bavarian State Chancellery and the Bavarian State Center for New Media (BLM).

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