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R&D Fellowship

Finding solutions for media issues at long last

Have you worked on the problems faced in the media industry for years and want to finally develop a solution? Our Research & Development Fellowship (in short: R&D) gives you the opportunity to direct all of your energy to launching your media project. Spend two months working on an innovative technology or challenge faced by the media industry. Research, experiment and develop new ideas as an Innovation Researcher at Media Lab Bayern.

Research & Development Methoden

Get your media project off the ground. Find solutions with research & development

How can media companies combat fake news? How can the customization of journalistic content be implemented? Which data do newsrooms really need to collect? We have countless research & development challenges waiting to be solved by you during the two-month fellowship (with an optional month-long extension). You’re also welcome to suggest your own media issue where you see an urgent need for innovation.

Important: Regardless of whether you bring your own idea to the table or have some thoughts on our challenges, one thing you need in every case is a passion for finding innovative solutions to media issues.

  • Phase 1

    Determining the problem

  • Phase 2


  • Phase 3

    Finding the added
    value to your idea

  • Phase 4


  • Phase 5


  • Phase 6


Get the skills you need!

We offer training in innovation methods.

Work on your project while learning all of the latest methods from us and our team of coaches:

> User research and determining the target audience
> Problem validation
> Solution validation
> Rapid prototyping

A quick glimpse at our media challenges

Are you a journalist, media innovator, developer or media pioneer? You've come to the right place!


  • Are you a journalist, media innovator, developer or media pioneer?
  • Do you enjoy trying things out and love thinking five years ahead into the future?
  • Are you passionate about user needs and media challenges?
  • Are you committed to working on your project for two months?
  • Do you have at least five years work experience, ideally in the media industry?
  • Do you want to be at the helm and take responsibility for your own project?


Research with flexible time management

We offer maximum flexibility by allowing you to work as a part-time Innovation Researcher. You will get to spend two months researching a fascinating aspect of the media industry.

Munich, Ansbach or remote?

During your time as an R&D fellow, you’ll be assigned a fixed desk at our coworking space in Munich or Ansbach. Please contact us in advance to find out more about the current pandemic restrictions.

Grant of up to 7,500 euros

We’ll fund your work as an Innovation Researcher with a grant of up to 7,500 euros for the two-month project duration (approx. 30 hours per week).

Questions on the Research & Development Fellowship offered by Media Lab Bayern

Which requirements do I need to fulfill?

A passion for innovation paired with a high degree of curiosity about what can be created in digital media. The project aims to publish the results of your research work for the community. The extent to which fellows achieve positive results through experiments or previously developed prototypes varies from person to person, which is why we tend to base our approach around milestones that we set together (prototypes on paper, mockups or coded). We also require you to document the results of your research in at least one or two blog posts in German and English, which will then be released on our channels, and yours if you'd like.

I’m currently in part-time employment and would like to participate in the fellowship. Do I need to inform my employer?

That's up to you to decide. We always advocate transparency where possible and would therefore strongly advise you to inform your employer.

What happens with the results of my work once the fellowship ends?

We provide you with a platform to publish your findings and drive innovation in the media ecosystem. Along with blog posts, you may also be invited to present your findings at one of our many events.

It’s not out of the question that you might stumble on a hot topic which leads to the development of a business model or a partnership with other media companies. In this case, we’d be more than happy to provide further support as part of our fellowship program.

Is the R&D Fellowship paid, and if so, how much will I earn?

We’ll fund your work as an Innovation Researcher with a grant of up to 7,500 euros for the two-month project duration (for full-time work). You are responsible for determining whether the grant is subject to taxation in your individual case.

Is the R&D Fellowship an in-person or online program?

The R&D Fellowship combines virtual and face to face contact. The vast majority of the methodical input is accessible on demand. As a result, you're free to organize your time according to your schedule and only need to block a minimal amount of time for fixed meetings. The program also involves regular feedback meetings and meetups with a focus on personal discussions. Needless to say, we’re also there to help whenever you need it. Whether in the coworking space at the office, via video call or through messaging on Slack.

Which language is the R&D Fellowship conducted in?

Most communication takes place in Germany. The online coaching sessions are only available in German. You need to possess adequate knowledge of the German language to be able to follow the content. We also all speak English at Media Lab Bayern, so we’re happy to answer questions and conduct personal meetings in English if necessary.

Am I insured under the R&D Fellowship?

As our grant is awarded alongside fixed-employment or freelance or entrepreneurial work, we assume that you will already be covered by the necessary insurance within the scope of this work.

Our R&D expert

Mate Raspovic is happy to help with any questions you may have related to the fellowship:

Do you have any questions about the R&D Fellowship?