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#diversity #medien #newsletter – the intersectional newsletter provides a platform for publications by journalists who belong to marginalized groups. Each issue, a different marginalized journalist designs the editorial. Media companies can publish job vacancies in the newsletter.

How does your concept help media companies achieve more diversity?
The newsletter boosts the reach and visibility of the diversity and skills among journalists from marginalized groups—it doesn’t stop there. The content isn’t just limited to discrimination. Media companies can use the linked content and unique editorial to discover talent and achieve more reach. The newsletter also offers media companies and editorial teams a backchannel to post job vacancies. In this sense, the newsletter doesn’t only target editorial teams and hierarchies, it also works in the other direction: editorial teams can post job vacancies to reach a more diverse applicant pool. This platform achieves its revenues in the long term by selling these ad spaces to (external) media companies.

Which requirements does a media company need to meet to get involved in your solution?
Media companies need to create a template and publish their content to gain subscribers; in terms of content, influential figures need to be acquired for the editorial, and content needs to be researched on a weekly basis by marginalized journalists, which is then included in the newsletter. The job ad backchannel (monetization strategy & service) can be offered to other media companies, and internal or external job vacancies can be published in the newsletter. Last but not least, it's time to press send!

Here’s how it works in practice:
The editor in charge of the newsletter needs to follow journalists from marginalized groups on various channels to curate the weekly content (traditional research, checking them out on social media and with help from networks such as New German Media Producers). We also recommend adding contact details to the newsletter so users can contact you to let you know about journalists from these demographics. The linked content is solely created by journalists from marginalized groups (e.g. individuals with a migrant background, non-heteronormative people).

The newsletter is primarily targeted at media-savvy individuals, typically journalists. As we see it, everyone interested in media as well as journalists and decision makers who want to expand their horizons and increase diversity among their editorial team are welcome to subscribe.

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Theresa Heilmann & Pola Sarah Nathusius
Innovations- und Digitalagentur ida

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