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#DieKettenredaktion #PassTheMic #Season01

Die Kettenre(d)aktion 

People of color, BPoC and people who are marginalized are underrepresented in traditional media. Kettenre(d)aktion is an interview format for Instagram Live during which the microphone is passed from one conversation partner to another, turning the interviewee into the interviewer.

How does your concept help media companies achieve more diversity?
We give everyone who has experienced marginalization due to race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability, etc. the opportunity to voice their perspective when handed the mic. In order to prevent guests from being reduced to their identity, each season (mini-series) addresses a focus topic, e.g. feminism, love/partnerships, ableism, tokenism, etc. This paves the way towards intersectional discussions on issues that affect all of society.

Which requirements does a media company need to meet to get involved in your solution?
A media company needs:

> An Instagram account

> A project manager to source guest editors and research potential guests (the guest editor can also take over this task).

> A social media team to promote the format and announce the nominated individuals.

> If the media company in question does not employ any journalists of color, external freelancers can be added to the team for the launch of the interview series.

Here’s how it works in practice:
It starts with journalists of color introducing a specific current topic on Instagram Live and interviewing someone on the topic. After the interview, the interviewee nominates someone they want to interview next. The journalist of color passes on the proverbial mic and the next interview begins. This process is repeated until 5 people have been interviewed.

The interviews are held on Instagram and last up to one hour in length. After that point, Instagram automatically ends the live chat. Viewers can comment and ask questions during the stream. The comment function can also be deactivated if necessary. Afterwards, the videos will be available to watch on the streamers’ Instagram profile.

Application example: Season 1: Media role models

  1. Intro: Journalist A introduces themselves and the topic of media role models
  2. Interview 1: Journalist A speaks to person A, a hijab wearer.
    Person A nominates person B, a person with a refugee background.
  3. Interview 2: Person A speaks to person B. Person B nominates person C, a queer Muslim.
  4. Interview 3: Person B speaks to person C. Person C nominates person D, a trans woman.
  5. And the sequence continues.

The session ends after the 5th interview. It's also possible to conduct more than five interviews – Instagram doesn’t set any limits.

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