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Innovative solutions for the media industry

The Open Innovation Challenge (OIC) provides an avenue to promote innovative solutions in the media industry. The OIC is an open competition for ideas that we regularly launch on various topics. The best submissions will be awarded with prize money and the implemented solutions are made available to media companies free of charge for a limited period.

Unfortunately, deadline for submissions was 11/30/2021. We will inform you in our Newsletter as soon as we announce another Open Innovation Challenge. Thank you for your submissions!

As part of our latest challenge “Personalization in the newsroom”, we’re looking for solutions to improve work processes in newsrooms, pave the way to automation and boost efficiency, particularly when it comes to social media and newsletters. In previous Open Innovation Challenges, we've already funded over 20 solutions on the topics of diversity and the coronavirus.

Innovative ways to transform personalization in newsrooms into an efficient focal point.

Free tools & formats for more diversity in your company!