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Analyze your articles and keep an eye on your content

Have we actually written more about the Ukraine crisis than about Covid? How complex is the writing in our various departments? When was the last time we reported on Trump? Is it true that our writing about environmental protection sounds negative?

ContentLense is an open source solution that explores these questions to help newsrooms make informed strategic decisions.

Want to try it out or have ideas for helpful analysis? Our Fellows are happy to receive feedback and schedule you for first demos!


For well-founded strategic decisions, editorial departments need data on their previously published content. Continuous data analysis gets lost in day-to-day business due to lack of time or expertise.


ContentLense enables editors to gain exciting insights into which topics are written about and how: automatic topic and person recognition in texts, readability indices and sentiment are analyzed and visualized.


An easy-to-use and extensible open-source platform for searchability and analysis of your own content.

Dr. Markus Hörmann & Jonas Trittler

Jonas Trittler is a software engineer, Markus Hörmann is a psychologist and software developer. Both are united by their enthusiasm for developing innovative digital products that really add value. And they are nerds: Jonas automated the dorm's washing machines during his studies, Markus developed an eye control system for wheelchairs.

The two have worked together on open-source projects before and have also been going down the same professional path since 2021. As shareholders and managing directors of Cloud Creators GmbH (third in the group alongside Ulrich Hörmann), they develop individual software MVPs, process automations and scalable cloud applications.

Other projects


Glasskube enables automatic installation and updates for popular open source software solutions to help organisations reclaim their digital sovereignty.

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The aim of taggy is to give you an open, easy-to-start and easy-to-integrate but powerful frontend tool to fit your tagging needs.

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Open Recommendation Butler

Open Recommendation Butler (ORB) is building an AI language model designed specifically for the media industry that provides knowledge-based search results and thematic recommendations.



Speechcatcher develops an open source solution for translation, transcription and subtitling of any media files with German language content (audio/video).


Open Podcast

Open Podcast is building a free and open ecosystem for podcasts. In the first project the aim is to provide a better analytics data for podcast hosts.

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SnipAId develops Artificial Intelligence generated teasers, summaries and social media posts.


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